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Other Side of Her Bed


This place is like no otherWhen I fold into myself, I arrive with very little effort. Forever suspended in time, it is the warm and always inviting other side of my mother’s bed.

It is precisely this place that she transformed into a counselor’s couch or a park bench, if you simply opened the blinds. It was a communal prayer alter during times of confession or intercession. For me alone, it remains the deeply penetrating space and time that encapsulates a mother’s love.

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SuperBowl 2015 & Vulnerability Mash Up


NFL Super Bowl 2015 was definitely one for the record books. With Tom Brady and Deflate-gate, the non-story of Richard Sherman and his pregnant girlfriend, and the re-emergence of Missy Elliot—there’s much to talk about when it comes to Super Bowl XLIX.

For me, it’s not Katy Perry’s ascent on NBC’s “The More you Know” star that lingers in my mind. It’s the uneasiness I felt while watching Malcolm Butler cry on screen after his game winning interception to clinch victory for the New England Patriots. 

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