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Missing the Black Man


One of the sights I quickly begin to miss when I’m abroad in Asia is the sight of a black man.

During routine trips to the bank or grocery store or romps around town, I find myself looking in the direction of a confidently approaching young Filipino man and thinking “he’s got Black man swag.” Or when I spot a man in the mall holding on proudly to his “bad chick,” I think to myself, “he’s holding on to her like a brotha does when he knows he’s got a good thing.” And sometimes, while carefully trying to decipher heavily accented English, I notice the round full lips of the speaker and think quietly, “he’s got Black man lips.”

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When Dreams Become Real


Yeah yeah yeah, ok—so I’m living the dream. I’m finally doing work that makes me feel alive. I have alignment with the things that are important to me…I’m living with purpose…I’m leaning in…blah, blah, blah. Truth is, this sh*t is hard.

For years, I’ve wanted to be a humanitarian relief worker. I wanted to go where the need is great. Serve cross-culturally. Feed the hungry. Give medicine to the sick and water to the thirsty. I wanted “in” the hard-to-crack world of humanitarian aid. And here I am. I’m in and I’m humbled by just how challenging this really is.

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